aKDPhi at VCU


What is a sorority?

Sororities are sisterhood organizations with chapters at accredited colleges and universities. Sororities offer an extended family atmosphere where you can find support and endless opportunities.

What is recruitment?

Recruitment is an opportunity to explore all organizations on campus and become well aquainted with all groups before determining which one is best for you. Specfically aKDPhi recruitment is about 2 weeks filled with fun activities that help you learn more about our sorority. It's a great opportunity to explore and meet new people and make new friends.

Does attending recruitment events mean I am required to join a sorority?

Absolutely not. We welcome everyone to attend recruitment events to see if our organization is something you are interested in. Recruiting is a non-commital period of time when you can leanr more information about the sorority and we learn about you.
What happens after recruitment week?

After a formal interview, the bidding process begins. Upon recieving a bid, you will beging the New Member Process where one learns the traditions and history of our sorority as well as build the bond of sisterhood within a new member class and the active sisters.

Do I have to be Asian to join?

No! alpha Kappa Delta Phi is an Asian-interst sorority and we do not discriminte agaisnt people of different race, ethinicity, color, nor religion. We encourage everyone to recruitment events.

Why would I want to join aKDPhi?

aKDPhi means a lot to every sister. We always strive to remain active in our sisterhood, service, and social events. With 50 chapters nationwide, alpha Kappa Delta Phi provides a network that spans from coast to coast, connected by common goals, experienes, and tradtions. Along with the connections worldwide, we share the deepest connections within VCU, creating strong relationships with other organzations on campus. aKDPhi gives sisters the opportunities to travel, become a leader, challenge each other, and an endless support system.